Ruth, Creator of WildeCraft

Philadelphia, PA

Meghan is a beautiful person, inside and out. As I witness her, I see that she strives in her life to do everything in integrity, that she is genuine and determined in her actions, mindset, and words, to make this world a better place. I imagine she would be an incredible role model – and indeed I see her as a model in my life of exactly the kind of person I want to spend many more years knowing and growing alongside. As a teacher, she takes her work seriously and crafts creative flows that guide folks to a better understanding of the subject matter at hand. She is ever growing and blossoming and – like any good role model / human – is both a teacher and a student, humble in the way she walks through the world, ever seeking to understand more and have the greatest impact she can in her world and in her walk through this life.

Natalie, M.A. Candidate, Pennsylvania State University, B.S., RYT-200

Asheville, NC

Meghan’s offering is one of a kind, truly authentic, and deeply moving. What I experienced with Meghan through her skillset and connection to nature’s voice was a translation from the unspoken wisdom of nature, to clarity of how I can apply this wisdom in my life. After this experience, I had tangible goals for my lifestyle that guided me toward greater expression of my full potential. She helped me strip away the superfluous influences that were preventing me from making choices to fully align with my creative potential. Meghan has a distinctly sweet and caring presence, which contributes beautifully to the sacred space that she holds through her sessions. I could not recommend her services more to any individual well on their path, interested in further exploring ways to integrate nature’s wisdom into their life.

Kirsten Warner, Yoga Teacher, Retreat Leader, & Founder of Devi Yoga for Women

Boulder, CO

From the moment I first met Meghan, I fell in love with her easy smile and open heart.  I could feel her commitment to her practice  in her very presence. She has a unique and powerful connection to the natural world and the divine feminine that shines through the essence of her being.  If you have the chance to practice with her, take it! Not only will you get incredibly inspired and learn a lot, you will also make a new friend who authentically cares.

Tom Bazis, Founder & Owner of Float SNJ

Marlton, NJ

Meghan’s energy is vibrant and clear. She radiates warmth and instantly creates space for students/clients to feel comfortable and at ease. Our clients and guests loved her and she quickly created a budding community around her practice.