Nature based guidance offers you support in connecting with the depth of nature, while also connecting with the depth of your deepest desires to live a full & happy life. Nature allows the space to powerfully open up around greater clarity and creativity. All sessions are confidential.

Who is this for?

Clients are often in places of transitions; careers, relationships, travel, family, etc. and looking for clarity or ease.

What will we actually do in a session?

Sessions last 1 hour. Expect to walk at least a half mile on a well marked trail or path. We will begin with a guided nature based meditation to fully settle into the space together and create an intention. I will ask you to describe what it is that you are seeking with nature based guidance and how it relates to a situation in your life. This is your chance to freely use your voice. I listen and reflect back to you in my own words what I heard. You can agree or correct me. I will ask further clarifying questions. There’s a certain magic in this process as it opens up the core desire of your needs. Nature works her magic as well. Much like dream interpretation, nature will reflect to you what you are saying and it’s up to you to decipher the message. During this time you may want to sit in stillness, go for a wander, create some nature art, or find a sit spot. We will close out by processing the overall experience and setting new goals. You can share your ah-ha moments, or walk back in silence. It is whatever feels best to you. I offer email follow up support and will send you home with helpful nature activities to further deepen your experience outdoors.

What do I need for an in person session? 

Please wear comfortable shoes that you can walk on trails with. Some conditions might be muddy depending on weather. Bring a water bottle, a journal, a snack (if needed), sunscreen, and bug repellent (if needed).