About Meghan

13923336_10102301609133938_7079263763697446993_o (1)The voice of nature has come through in a variety of ways for me. My first memorable experience of my adult life occurred off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Boone, NC. It was the twilight hour where the sun’s rays created a sparkling orange glow around the edges of the flowers at the trail head. I playfully brushed my hand across a wildflower. I felt its aliveness, as if my hand was brushing through a thick honey like substance in the air. What I felt was presence in the flower at my side, standing in its personal boundary. It was a presence that was much bigger & stronger than the small flower. It demanded attention the way a small child demands playtime. I felt through my body a sense of bliss, ecstasy, a sense of mystery & curiosity in the sensations I was feeling.

Nature has always been part of me. At times traveling by van into the depths of the Rocky Mountain wild, to frequent desert visits, & ample solo time in the forests. What I’ve cultivated in these wild places is a sense of  inner beauty, self acceptance, stability, & deep listening in reflection of the outer beauty of nature. It’s the way the water playfully caresses the rocks as it pours downstream, how the sun touches a river or leaf in a way that it creates a glittering aura of light, the reflection of stars in a lake, & how the moon illuminates the snow-covered terrain. Nature is living poetry, a love story in the making, an epic tale of birth & death. It is a reflection of our human life, because we are nature and inevitability interconnected in Her rhythms.

What I have chosen is to see the beauty in all that life offers, even in the darker moments, which I have had plenty of. I have also learned that every tunnel does have an end that is filled with a light beyond conceptualized beauty. I’ll be waiting for you at the end of tunnel should you choose to accept the invitation. This invitation is to take all you have learned in the journey of life, and integrate it in a tangible way so that you can offer your own gifts back in the world. I fully believe that no being in this lifetime is free from suffering until we are all free of suffering. We can humbly help guide one another there.

Professional Version:

I attained my Master’s Degree in Eastern Religious Studies from Naropa University, focusing on the holistic healing benefits of various forms of meditation practices. During this time, I lived in ashrams and Buddhist centers, both research based & for personal growth. Further experiential research took me to India to experience the cultural birthplace of yoga philosophy & personal practice.

I continued my interest in neural pathway & brain change theory at the Earth Based Institute; a wilderness therapy & nature-based school of meditation, incorporating practices from the lineage of Apache elder Grandfather Stalking Wolf. This is where I committed myself to this specific lineage in nature-based spiritual lifestyle & psychology.

I have 300+ hours of client based services in Gestalt therapy, parts work therapy, grief/loss counseling, PTSD management, & youth based addiction mentoring, as well as Jewish youth wilderness rites of passage leadership.